Going digital is not a new thing. However, the history and culture of Case Competitions have been one of the physical events, where teams compete against each other and present on a stage. But the world has changed. Digitalizing your Case Competition is now both a way to solve some of your pains and a way to increase the reach and thereby have an even more significant impact in the world.

With our software, we have helped Case Competitions worldwide with digitalizing their event and have gathered the 5 biggest benefits.

Number 1: Ensuring safe physical distance

It is no surprise that ensuring physical distance is number 1 at the moment. With the COVID-19 pandemic threatening our global community’s health and safety, physical distance is now our most effective weapon against it. The University of Münster converted their event from a physical to a digital one and have avoided canceling the entire Case Competition.

Number 2: Increased efficiency and saves time

Number 2 on the list of the 5 biggest benefits is increased efficiency and time-saving. Having to organize a physical event is a big deal. Food, transportation, hotels, finding rooms, printing documents, and so on all take time. Even when you are a big and competent team, the organizing part takes too much time away from what is essential: Creating a fantastic experience for participants, judges, and sponsors. When you can manage all registration, communication, document administration, judging, and feedback online, you can focus on supporting your stakeholders.

Number 3: Showing a sustainable mindset

RSM Star Case Competition in Rotterdam saved 132 tons of CO2 emission when they transformed their Case Competition from a physical event to a digital one. Flying participants from around the world to your site is not the most sustainable solution. Sometimes it actually presents a paradox that you organize a Case Competition with a focus on solving sustainable problems, but you fly all of your participants in.

Number 4: Transforming participant’s experience

Organizing a Case Competition is all about participant experience. You want to create an event of a lifetime that they all remember and talk about. Going digital has often been associated with less personal experience. Still, with the digital possibilities today, you can create some fantastic digital events, where you engage all of the teams with videos, debates, polls, and so on throughout the event.

Number 5: Increased reach

In 2020, CBS Case Competition had over 3.500 participants from 88 different countries in their global competition. That is only possible when you go digital and use Case Competition software. Reaching that many people brings not only awareness and branding to your competition but also satisfies your sponsors a great deal because they get exposed to a much larger audience than with a physical event.

So, digitalizing your Case Competition has many benefits, but organizing it through a mix of Facebook groups, Teams, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. makes it difficult for both you, the participants, and the judges to navigate communication.

We can help you set up an event, and our team is ready for you. So book a demo beneath and let us show you our solution.

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