Becoming global is nowadays a huge trend. As a result of increasing world digitalization, growing desire for experience and success. Therefore, many companies and universities decided to become global. In terms of being a part of the Global Case Competition. The best example of the University that made Case Competitions work globally is Copenhagen Business School. CBS has been around since 2002 and has proven its success and placement in modern world education. As they expressed themselves: “Every year we aim to create lifetime experiences for students around the globe by facilitating 2 Case Competitions“.







The Organization itself



Organizing a Global Case Competition can be challenging and time-consuming but rewarding for all parties involved. When the organization of such events is concerned, there are many factors to be considered, such as:



  • The purpose
  • The Target Group
  • The case
  • The format (Timeline, different time zones)
  • Socialising & Presentations
  • Platform (Infomation, Administration, Communication)





Why are you doing it?



The first thing you have to do after you made a decision to organize a Global Case Competition is to state your purpose and goals. Why am I doing this? What do I want to achieve? What is my purpose? Answers to all of those questions will guide you through your whole decision-making process. There are many aspects you can focus on, either it is a talent search or brand awareness.





Your Target Group



At the beginning of every Case Competition planning process, you have to decide the purpose of the contest as mentioned above and the audience you want to target. When organizing a Global Case competition, you have to launch an open application process to attract as many participants as possible.



It is important to give your participants the motivation to be a part of your Case Competition. Some companies offer special prices for the teams with the best solutions to the given case.





The Case



It is up to you to decide, whether you want your participants to solve a new case created on the basis of the problems your company is facing. It is a good way to evaluate how the participants work in the field your company is operating in. The second option is that they will be working on the existing case, which is less common and mostly used for educational purposes to evaluate the knowledge of the students. You have to make sure that the case is relevant and understandable for all parties involved.





The format



When everything is decided, it is time to form the Competition. We suggest you create a timetable. All of the important dates, such as the start and the end of the registration period, the Case launch, Submission date, and Presentation dates should be included.



The registration period should be long enough to allow the participants to register and form their teams before the date of the Case launch. Included introduction to the case is really important in order to show the reason why the case is being tackled.



While organizing a Global Case Competition, you should not forget about the different time zones. There is a chance that some of the team members might be situated in several time zones, we recommend launching the case globally as well as the submission date.





The Social part of Case Competitions & Presentations



With the good marketing and open application process, a huge number of participants is to be expected. It is up to you whether you want all of the teams to present their solutions to the judges or only the ones who will proceed to the final round.



With the ongoing covid-19 pandemic and gathering restrictions around the world, all presentations and ceremonies should be carried out digitally. Some of the teams might not be able to meet and work on the case in person. This can be conducted by Live Video meetings or Pre-recorded videos. To prevent further inconveniences, make sure all of the links or videos will be clearly accessible to everyone.








As mentioned before, we suggest you create guidelines for all parties involved. You have to have in mind that all of the information, case description, criteria, case launches, and submission dates will be viewed and followed by a huge number of people globally. Here comes useful Software that will assemble and store all of the data mentioned above.



Organizing a Global Case Competition brings a lot of advantages to every party involved. However, the organization process itself requires way more complicated logistics, highly involved administration, and many other factors. Don’t let this lengthy and demanding process discourage you. With our software, we made it easy for organizers, participants, and judges to orientate and work while being part of Global Case Competitions.


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