Join the movement of eliminating discrimination in the recruitment process.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to become part of this movement, so we invite you to contribute to the Innoflow Code of Conduct. It is stored as an Open Source file, meaning that anyone can add new ideas and thoughts. All new ideas and thoughts will be reviewed by our team, ensuring quality and transparency.

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Innoflow’s Code of Conduct

The following are guidelines highly recommended for employers to apply to their recruitment processes when using the Innoflow software. These guidelines will empower you, as well as applicants, to get the maximum benefits possible from a value-driven, fair and efficient screening method.

Our vision

A world with equal opportunities for all to get a meaningful work life

We believe that everyone deserves a chance to unleash their talent – regardless of one’s race, ethnicity, nationality, class, caste, religion, belief, sex, gender, language, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, health, or any other personal status.

We believe that real-life cases, solved anonymously, will improve the quality of education, as well as hiring processes by removing conscious and unconscious bias – putting upfront the talent that all people have.

Our ambition is to use software as an enabler for this ideology, creating an infrastructure that will drive the change of behaviour and mindset.

By choosing Innoflow, you are not just choosing a software provider, you are choosing to be part of journey towards a better and more equal world.

Our mission

To unleash the full potential of individuals and organizations by using anonymized case-solving

By using anonymized case-solving as a screening tool not only does the employer get an idea of an applicant’s actual skills, the applicant gets a realistic preview of the specific tasks associated with the job ensuring an insightful two-way assessment process. Additionally, the Innoflow software provides meaningful feedback to all applicants based on the case solution evaluation criteria.

Join the movement for a brighter future for all. Talents are waiting to be discovered.

Our guidelines for using Innoflow

At Innoflow, we believe that everybody has talent – they just need a chance to prove it.
Our software is that chance. We invite you to follow these simple principles:

Attracting candidates

  • Your job advertisement includes broad descriptions of knowledge, competencies and skills required for the position. The description has to be as neutral as possible, thus not be discriminative toward say sex and age. In that way you will not discourage potential applicants.
  • Your job advertisement includes a description of the organisation’s internal environment, team, mission and vision.
  • Your job advertisement contains descriptions of working conditions and benefits, including career development prospects.
  • You make sure that the job application timeline is realistic, from posting the vacancy to application deadline.
  • You are in charge of informing all candidates about the number of available job positions prior to screening them.
  • Your job advertisement is accessible to potential candidates, no matter their location, gender, age, etc, meaning you are not using marketing tracking for a specific persona.
  • You are not requesting a CV and/or a cover letter in the job advertisement.

Setting up your Innoflow recruitment

  • Your landing page describes the principles of case-based recruitment and informs potential candidates about the next steps.
  • Your job advertisement includes a description of the organisation’s internal environment, team, mission and vision.
  • Your landing page contains truthful information about your organisation and the vacant position.
  • Your recruitment case is not discriminative towards gender, age, or other innate features of your candidates.
  • Your recruitment case tests only relevant professional skills and competencies needed for the specific job position.
  • You make sure that all candidates are provided with adequate support if needed.
  • You make sure that all candidates are treated equally in regard to sign up deadline, submission deadline, etc.

Assessing case solutions

  • Prior to the submission deadline, you make sure that all your assessors are on the same page when scoring candidates.
  • Scoring candidates should be done according to the solution evaluation criteria set by your organisation.

Interviewing and hiring

  • Carry out the interview based on the individual candidate’s case solution rather than the candidate’s experience within a given field.
  • You also consider other aspects than their case solution that are equally relevant for the position, such as a personality test.
  • You make sure to ask proper work-related questions instead of making personal enquiries.
  • You ask specific questions about the candidate’s case solution.

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