Why and How Do We Provide Customised Cases?

The business world is changing rapidly. Evolving technology, shifting customer trends, and unexpected global crises require organisations to adapt constantly to stay competitive. That is why we provide customised cases that meet your current needs and the specifics of the positions you are hiring for. Innoflow’s certified Case Experts will ensure a seamless process, and for your convenience, the cases can be reused and easily adjusted if needed.

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Achieve Business Growth

We help you translate the required skills and competencies into a customised and reusable Case to ensure you attract top talents who will succeed in this specific position in your company.


Reduce Employee Turnover

Tasks related to a specific position vary across companies. Candidates who apply by solving our Case are the most motivated and competent ones, minimising the risk of mis-hires.


Improve Candidate Experience

Candidates want a seamless application process and a realistic job preview. With Cases, you communicate clear expectations without making applicants jump through hoops to apply.

*This visual shows one type of the case we offer: the Multiple Choice Test.

*This visual shows one type of the case we offer: the Multiple Choice Test.

How Does it Work?

forumSTEP 1
Interview with a Case Expert
Based on a validated framework, a designated Case Expert will take you through a series of questions in an online meeting expected to take 45 minutes. Based on this, the Case Expert will develop a customised case.
note_altSTEP 2
Case draft for feedback

The Case Expert will be working iteratively, i.e. going through a cycle where you get to evaluate the case with each iteration and determine what changes are needed for the Case Expert to produce a satisfactory case.

taskSTEP 3
Case ready for take off

Once the case is ready, our Customer Success Team will ensure it is implemented in the Innoflow software. A customised sign-up landing page with a unique URL will be provided for you to distribute wherever needed.

Case Complexity and Candidate Engagement


Innoflow provides cases of different complexity levels depending on the position and where in the recruitment process they are implemented.

As candidates get further in the recruitment process, the case complexity gradually increases along with mutual interest.

On the lowest level of complexity, solving a
Multiple-Choice Testcontact_support A case compiled of work-related scenarios with predesigned answers. These cases are solved individually.
takes approximately 10 minutes, while a
Work Samplecontact_support A case that requires candidates to send their own open-ended solution to a problem. These cases can be solved individually or in a team-based form.
takes 30 minutes to complete.

Let’s Find Your Next Match Together

Are you interested in learning more about Cases, their complexity, and how they maximise the chances of finding the right match?

Innoflow Case Experts

The Innoflow Case Expert Training Course © is an extensive course build on Bloom’s Wedge Taxonomy, higher-order thinking and extensive research. The Innoflow Case Experts will ensure that the process is seamless and time-efficient. Our aim is to help you identify a match between your organisation and a candidate accurately and efficiently. All Cases will be developed and handled by the Experts.

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Develop Customised
Cases for our clients

Provide Case Quality

Interested in becoming a case expert?

If you are a freelance expert within a certain field, you can now learn to develop high-quality cases and work with Innoflow while collaborating closely with HR and Talent Acquisition specialists from various well-known companies!