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Applicant guide

This article will explain the Innoflow platform and process from an applicant perspective, to ensure that you as a candidate will get a seamless experience when applying for a job that is Powered by Innoflow. In the following, your potential new employer is stated as “the company”.


Job page

The Job page gives you all the information that you need before signing up. This will often include an application deadline, details about the job and other relevant information regarding the given position. Please note that there might be minimum requirements such as language and certifications.

When signing up you are not being asked to forward a resume or a cover letter. Jobs that are Powered by Innoflow are about solving a relevant case, anonymously. This to ensure a fair, unbiased, and more enjoyable process for you as a candidate as well as eventually increasing the likelihood of the right match.


Sign Up

To get started and to access the case, you need to sign up and provide your email. Your email will only be shared with the company once the case solution assessment has taken place. In some cases, you might have to reply yes/no to short questions related to minimum requirements. When you sign up you have to accept Innoflow Terms of Service and Privacy Policy as well as the company’s Privacy Policy. Furthermore, you can decide to have Innoflow store your individual profile to be considered for future relevant Jobs Powered by Innoflow. At you can view, edit and delete your profile at any time.

If you do not receive a confirmation email once you’ve signed up, please check your spam folder.


Case page

When you are signed up and logged in you will get access to your personal dashboard. Clicking the event dashboard will take you to the Job Page. Once the case is ready to be solved, an “Open case” button will appear next to the cover photo on the Job page. Clicking the link, will give you access to the Case page, thus everything that you need to know to solve the case. The case page may have text, video and images as well as links and files. It all depends on what the company has decided to make available.


Handing in your solution

When you are ready to hand in your solution, it is a simple process. Please note that you shouldn’t upload a solution with any personal information in it, such as name or e-mail. Adding personal information is disqualifying.

1. Click the ‘Upload solution’ button on the case page or the upload option in the Dashboard

2. Click ‘Deliverables upload’ and select your solution files. You can upload up to 2 deliverables, including video file

3. Your files will be assigned a number, and you’ll receive a confirmation email that the solution has been successfully handed in.


If you uploaded the wrong file, or if you would simply like to replace it, you can upload a new file, via the ‘Replace’ button.


After the submission deadline

After the submission deadline, your solution will be assessed based on the criteria set up for the position and case. As no personal information is shared when your solution is assessed, there is no need to worry about unconscious bias.

When your feedback is ready, it will be sent to the e-mail that you signed up with. It is also possible to see your feedback in the Upload section in your Dashboard. Everyone who sends in a solution will get feedback.

Based on the case solution, selected candidates will be invited, by the company, to continue the recruitment process


Good luck!