Candidate Information

Apart from name and email, you might want candidates to provide additional information about themselves. This information will be handy for you later on.


Standard fields

If you navigate to ‘Participant Information’ from your dashboard, and then ‘Standard Fields’ you’ll find a list of general information to select from. Simply check all the ones you wish for your candidates to provide, and they will be required information for the candidates.


If a candidate has not provided the information you have asked, this individual will be disqualified and are unable to upload their solutions.



Adding Custom fields

We understand every event is different and that you may want more specific information on your candidates. This is why we allow you to create and add your custom fields.


There is also possiblility to add a field called “LinkedIn profile”, which allows candidates to insert a link to their LinkedIn profile

  • Navigate to the ‘Add custom fields’ tab.
  • Click Add.
  • Name your new field
  • Your Custom field has now been added.
All the required information will be listed on the event and case pages.


Onboarding flow

In the onboarding flow tab, you have the option to toggle your onboarding flow on. When candidates log in for the first time, they will be guided through a flow that makes it quick and easy for them to complete their profile. We recommend this is enabled.