Case Competitions – FAQ


How does Innoflow support live video presentations (opening ceremony, closing ceremony)? 

The Zoom integration will allow you (the Event Organiser) to create a meeting room which can be later shared with all the participants across the event via Event Messages. In order to create a link to the specific meeting room, you will have to sign into your Zoom account via browser. However, if you have done that already, you won’t be asked to sign in again and your link will be generated immediately!

Participants can join the meeting room using their Zoom account; however, it is also possible to join the meeting as a guest, in case they don’t have one.

Once the link is generated, it’s up to you how and with whom you want to share it. You can either share it as Event Message, which will be seen by all participant across the event, or you can choose to send it to a few selected participants via email.

Who judges the case? 

The Event Organiser is responsible for selecting a judge or multiple judges, who will score participants´ solutions based on the judging criteria set by the recruiter. The Event Organiser selects judges who can evaluate rationally and independently. Judges score anonymously, meaning that they do not have access to profiles and cannot see the names of the participants.

How long does it take to judge a case? 

Judging a case depends on the number of participants and judges. If there are many participants submitting their solution, and only few judges, it will take longer than the other way around.

Usually, one judge can score one solution within 10 minutes (depending on the judging criteria and complexity of the solution).

How do you ensure that the process is unbiased? 

Judges cannot see the names of participants, and do not have access to their profiles. Therefore, they can only see a number replacing the name of each candidate. Moreover, judges must score based on the defined judging criteria.

Where do I keep track of how many candidates have registered for the process? 

To see the number of candidates who have signed up, go to the Dashboard → Participants → Participants Info.

Can I communicate with and to the participants during the process?

You can always send a message to all participants at the same time through the ‘Event Messages’.

How do we help participants when they need technical support? 

All participants are given a point of contact, which is either the event organizer, or the person responsible for handling participants within your company. If any of the participants is experiencing technical issues, they will directly get in touch with their point of contact (responsible person in your company), who will get back to us. You are more than welcome to contact us about any technical issues you may be experiencing.

What if I need technical support? 

We are here to help you, and we will do everything necessary to make your event a success. All product packages include 10 hours of support within the office working hours (Mon-Fri 8-17). However, if you need more assistance, for an additional fee we can offer you support 24/7 (weekends included).

How long does it take to set up an event? 

If the event organiser is providing us with content, images (possibly video), and the necessary text, it will take up to 1-3 hours to set up the event page and case page and event settings.

How much does it cost?  

We are offering different packages depending on how many participants you are expecting to sign up. For more info, get in touch with us.

What is the process after I make the purchase? 

When you decide to use our software for your Case Competition(s), we will provide you with a document with all the important milestones you will go through, together with administrative access to the event and help articles for the organizer, participants and judges. We are here to make sure your event goes as smooth as possible!