Event and case pages

A central aspect of any case event is the event and case pages. These pages are where the candidates will spend the vast majority of their time, and it is hence worth spending time creating them.


The difference between Event and case pages

The Event Page is well – suited for everything the candidates need to know before signing up, and the case being launched. It will typically be general information about you as a company or as a recrutiment, general guidelines and the like. That is also your chance to brand the event further as we give you many opportunities to add videos and images.

The Case Page is where you can include all information and material related to the case itself and will only be accessible to the candidates after the case launch date and time. You may very well like to reuse elements from the information page on the case page, which is why you’ll see that the information page elements have automatically been copied for your convenience.


Building the Event and Case pages

Both the Event and the case pages are built by adding sections one by one, but you can also include both links and files. You can mix and match text, image and video sections to your liking.


Adding sections:

  • Click ‘Add new section’.
  • Select the type of section you want.
    • Text
    • Image
    • Video
  • Upload your material and/or write your text.
  • Format text to your liking.
  • Hit ‘save’.

Your section has now been added, and you can add additional sections.


Adding Files

  1. In the right hand column you find Upload files
  2. Drag and drop, or browse your computer to upload your file
  3. If you click the Pen icon you can add a description


Adding Links

  1. In the right side column click Add Links
  2. Enter the name of the link and paste the link in itself.

Now your materials can be found in the right side column.



Moving sections

If you wish to rearrange the order of your sections you can move your sections up and down. You do this by clicking the arrows pointing up or down.



Both pages also include a timeline with milestones. For more information on how to edit the timeline, you can read more here. < link>


Event cover image

The cover image can give your candidates a great impression of your event. You can add the cover image by clicking Upload under the Event cover image section. We recommend 1200×400 png or jpeg files.



Preview page

While building your pages, you can always preview them to see how they will look to your candidates. You do this via the dashboard. Here you simply need to click ‘Preview Event Page’ or ‘Preview Case Page’.