How to share ‘Live Video Links’ in the platform

There are multiple ways how you can share your meeting link in the Innoflow platform- it’s all about communication and making it easily accessible to everyone.

The platform gives you several options to make your participants aware about live video presentations and also sharing the necessary links for them to access your live video presentations.



1)     You can tailor the timeline on your front page and include information about the Live Video Meeting there, so your participants can see when they are expected to join the live meeting.

2)  You can insert a meeting link in the Text box / image section. Once the participants clicks the link, they are forwarded to your chosen meeting platform and can access the live video.

3)  You can insert the meeting link in the link section , where the participants can click the link the same way as in the text section and then it opens the meeting platform.

4)   You can inform the participants about your live stream by using the communication tool and sending them an event message with important meeting links, which they will receive on the platform as well as on their personal e-mail.


If you have multiple video links, you can make a PDF file where you insert all of the important links and upload it in the files section. Then participants can download this file and have all the necessary access prior to the meeting.

It is up to you to decide if you would like to use all of the mentioned ways or only choose the ones you think are relevant.