Individual and team-based case solving

With Innoflow, you can decide whether you want your case to be solved by single individuals, by teams, or if you want to allow both. This is how you control this part of your event.


Individual based case solving

If you are doing individual case solving, you only have to make sure that team based event is disabled, under ‘Individual or team based’. This is most typically used in recruitment contexts. Events are ‘Individual Based‘ by default, but it is worth checking in any case.


Team based case solving

Team-based case solving is used for competition case events. In order to configure the settings for team creation follow the below steps.

  • From the dashboard navigate to ‘Individual or team based’.
  • Toggle ‘team based event’ on.
  • Set your minimum and maximum team sizes.

Now team leaders are able to invite the rest of the team to join the case, under ‘Team overview’ in their dashboard.

If you want to allow teams of 1 simply set the minimum team size to 1.


Finding teammates

If you wish your participants to team up with other participants they do not already know, we recommend that you enable ‘Participant Matchmaking’ from the dashboard. Toggling this on allows participants in your event to search and invite teammates with complementary personal and professional skills directly from the platform.


Participants view of ‘Find Teammates’