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Judging guide

This article will quickly walk you through the process of judging with Innoflow.


Help video:


Once you are logged on to the platform, you’ll have the option to select the case from a list. If you have only been invited for a single case, click that.

Please remember: The UrL that judges always should be using is: {insert event-url}/login/judge


Solutions overview

After having selected your case, you see a list of all the solutions that the teams have uploaded. Each team has been assigned a number to avoid any unconscious bias.

The red colour tells you that that solution has not yet been scored or is only partially scored, while the green indicates that you have successfully judged that case.

We recommend you start with the lowest number that is not already fully graded.


Grading solutions

When you click on a participant, you can view the uploaded material by hitting ‘View solution’. You’ll be able to see it in a new tab in the browser, or it will be downloaded to your computer, depending on the kind of material the participant has included.
  • If the participant uploaded a video file, instead of downloading the file, it can be previewed in app (through video playback)

Once you are ready to pass your judgment, you can do so in the fields below. The organiser has listed all the criteria they would like for you to consider along with a description. In this way, all judges will be able to evaluate consistently.


You may see a text appear below some of the scores you select. This is the feedback that the organisers have assigned for this score and this criterion. You are, however, able to include your own feedback by clicking the ‘General Feedback’ button at the bottom of the page.
When you are ready to look into the next team’s solution, simply hit, ‘Next solution’.



When you have graded all the solutions, your job is done, and the organisers can take over.