Participant guide

This article will explain the Innoflow platform and process so you can get an excellent start to the case event you may participate in, so you can concentrate on the case solving itself.


Help video: ‘Participant: Getting started with Innoflow’


Event page

On the event page the organiser gives you all the information that you need before signing up. This always includes a timeline and a countdown clock, so you know the structure of the event. Apart from this, the organiser can choose to add text, images and videos along with links and files. Note the case itself will only be available once at the time and date of the case launch.



Teaming up

All case competitions are solved in teams. There are, however, two ways to do this: pre-formed teams or, if the organiser allows it, teaming up with other participants that you don’t already know.

Preformed teams. If you have already formed a group on your own, that is great! To get everyone on the same team, only one team member signs up. This person can then invite the rest of the team:

  • One team member signs up via the ‘Join the Event’ button.
  • When logged in navigate to the Dashboard and then Team Overview
  • Hit the plus button.
  • Enter the name and email of one of your teammates.
  • The login details will then be sent to that person.
  • Repeat for the rest of the team.

Be sure that your team size is allowed by the organiser.



Teaming up with other participants

If the organiser allows it, you can also team up with other participants that are also looking to form a team.

  • To do this first sign up via the Join the Event button.
  • Once you are logged in head to Find Teammates, via the Dashboard.
  • Now you can filter people by professional and personal skills and find the right fit for your team. You are also able to see their profile by clicking Visit Profile
  • When you have found someone you would like to have on your team, go ahead and invite them!

To be discoverable and leave a good impression, remember to complete your profile. Read the next section for more information.



Your profile

All participants get their own profile when signing up. This profile is your chance to tell both the organisers and other participants who you are and what you can do. You can fill in your professional and personal skills, education, picture and the like.
The organiser of the event decides which information you must provide to fully qualify for the event. The required data are listed on both the event and the case pages, but you’ll also be prompted if some information is missing.
You can edit your profile by hitting ‘Profile’ and then ‘My Profile’ in the top right corner of the page.



Case page

At the time and date of the case launch, an ‘Open Case’ button will appear on the event page. When you follow the link, you’ll get everything that you need to solve the case. This can be in the form of text, video and text as well as links and files. It all depends on what the organiser has decided to make available.
It is also from this point through to the submissions deadline that you’ll be able to upload your solution.



Handing in solutions

When you are ready to hand in your solution to the case, it is a simple process.



  • Click the ‘Upload solution’ button on the case page or the upload option in the Dashboard.
Click ‘Upload Deliverables’ and select your solution files
  • You can upload up to 2 deliverables, including video file
  • Your files will be assigned a number, and you’ll receive a confirmation email that the solution has been successfully handed in.
If you uploaded the wrong file, or if you would simply like to replace it, you can upload a new file, via the ‘Replace’ button.
There is also this Uploading Solutions help article if you want to know more.


Messaging options

In the Dashboard, it is possible to read and write messages to your teammates, as well as read messages from the organisers themselves. Apart from the title and text body, you can attach files as well.



  • To send a message to your team, navigate to Team Messages in the Dashboard
  • Hit the green plus button in the lower right corner.
  • Now you can write your message and attach files and tags.
  • Press ‘Submit’ and off it goes.

Note that you can find all the files from messages under ‘Resources’ in the Dashboard.



After the submissions deadline, the judges will assess your solution and grade based on criteria that the organiser has created. As no personal information is shared when they grade solutions, there is no need to worry about unconscious bias.
When the organiser is ready, they can release the results of the competition. You’ll be able to see yours under the Upload option in the Dashboard, but it will also be sent to the email that you signed up with.