Recruitment – FAQ

Who makes the case? 

We offer three different types of support for case development.

  1. We can work on the case in collaboration with you.
  2. We can teach your internal hiring manager(s) how to develop a perfect case by certifying her/him as a case developer.
  3. We can connect you with our Case Development Team and they will create a case based on your wishes.

How long does it take to develop a case? 

We invite you to meet with a representative from our Case Development Team, where you can discuss your wishes and expectations regarding your case. This will only take 30 minutes. If you can provide all the information needed during this meeting, the developers will create your case within 2-3 hours

Who judges the case? 

The hiring manager should be responsible for judging the case. However, additional judges, such as experts within the team or recruiters, can easily become part of the judging process.

The designated judges score the case solutions anonymously, meaning that they neither have access to the job candidates’ profiles nor can see their names until all solutions have been scored.

How long does it take to judge a case?

Usually, the judge can score a solution within 10 minutes – depending on the judging criteria and the complexity of the solution, it may take a little longer.

How do you ensure that the process is unbiased? 

Each job candidate will be assigned a number, replacing their first and last name. This is done to ensure 100% anonymity. The judges don’t have access to the job candidates’ profiles, resumes and names. Moreover, the judges must score the case solutions according to the judging criteria set by the recruiter.

How long does it take for the candidate to solve a case? 

Candidates can access the case from the moment it launches until the submission deadline. The time spent solving the case depends on the case complexity. To ensure that candidates walk away with a positive experience, we recommend that the case should not take more than 30-90 minutes to solve.

How do you ensure that the person uploading the solution is the one who has solved the case? 

It only takes a few questions during the telephone screening or interview following the submission of the case, to verify whether the candidate is the one who actually solved the case.

How long does an Innoflow recruitment process take? 

In collaboration with Innoflow, the recruiter will set up the desired timeline and our team will do its best to meet the deadlines. The process takes 4-6 weeks between the launch of the job post until the chosen candidate is hired.

Where do I keep track of how many candidates have registered for the process? 

To see the number of participants, go to the Dashboard → Participants → Participants Info.

Can I communicate with and to the candidates during the process? 

You can notify and send a message to the candidates individually or all at the same time. When you compose a message via the system, the candidates automatically receive both an e-mail and a notification on the platform.

How long does it take to create a case page and an event page? 

It usually takes about an hour to create an event page with the right picture, job description and timeline provided by you.

How do we help candidates when they need technical support? 

Technical support contacts are reachable throughout the entire recruitment process. You and your candidates are more than welcome to contact us about any technical issues you may be experiencing.

What if I need technical support? 

We are here to help, and we will do everything necessary to make sure your recruitment is a success! Your designated contact person will provide you with 24-hour support (weekends included).

How much does it cost? 

We offer different packages, depending on how many candidates you expect to participate. For more information, get in touch with us.