Technical – FAQ


For candidates / participants


How do I delete my profile?  

Navigate to My profile/Settings and at the bottom of the page hit the “Delete my profile” button.

Will my name be visible during the evaluation process?  

No, it will not. Our evaluation process is completely anonymous and the judges who are reviewing your solution won’t be able to see neither your name, nor your profile.

What happens in case I forget to fill in any of the required profile information?  

You should fill in the required profile information immediately, otherwise you risk being disqualified by the event organiser.


For Event Organisers


Why can’t I add/delete the judging criteria?

Check whether the submission deadline is already over, and in case it is, set the submission deadline in the future (postpone the submission deadline).

Why does the logo in our organisation profile have an incorrect aspect ratio?  

Make sure that the image you have uploaded has an aspect ratio of 1:1, and always check the recommended image size before uploading an image.

What should I do in case I can’t access the dashboard or there is any other unexpected behavior happening?  

You should try deleting your local and session storages, as well as refreshing your cache.