Find your future team member

With an anonymised case-based recruitment process you will discover talent and potential like you have never seen it before. Make the process fair, unbiased and efficient.

Find your next superstar

With an anonymized case-based recruitment process you can find the true talent for your team. Make your process unbiased and efficient.

How does it work?

Bring your recruitment into the 21st century


Attract skilled job candidates by customizing a memorable landing page. Include a timeline with important dates and deadlines and add a short description of your company and the vacant job position.


Give the job candidates a chance to show their skills by having them digitally solve a relevant and anonymous case study. Free hiring managers of boring by-the-book resumes and cover letters, instead have them rate the case solutions blindfolded, so they choose the most talented candidate for the job.


Improve job candidate experience and employer brand by providing every candidate with automated feedback within our platform.


Attract talent by creating a stunning landing page with a timeline and description of the company, role and process.


Find the proven talents by making candidates solve a case digitally and make hiring managers and team specialists or Innoflow experts rate the solutions blinded.


Improve candidate experience and employer brand by providing every candidate with automated feedback.

What is in it for you?

There are various benefits of making Innoflow’s software systems part of your recruitment process – in fact, probably too many to list – so, scroll down and see three of our chosen favourites.

Identify actual competencies

Set your expectations upfront and find the very best fit to your organization based solely on the job candidates’ competencies to solve a given case.

Improve your brand

Innovate your brand experience by introducing an innovative, meaningful and inclusive recruitment process.

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Save time and money

Find the candidates for your team faster and save effort and cost for both your hiring managers and the job candidates.

Save time and cost

Find the ideal candidates early stage with competencies that match the job position thus save cost and time for both you and job-seekers.

Who is using Innoflow?

The list of companies that use Innoflow, as they see an obvious opportunity in getting the right match between job and applicant by using unbiased case-based screening and selection, is long - here is a selection of visionary Innoflow customers.

What clients have to say

“We believe that everyone has talent and Innoflow enables us to give all candidates the chance to show it”

Tina Herrman

General Manager, Experis ManPowerGroup Denmark

“I can’t believe that we have ever recruited any other way. The unbiased case-based approach is the future of recruitment”

Henrik Ernst Hansen

Partner & Strategic Director, Mindmill

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If you are interested in seeing a demo of our software, want to know more about how you can optimize your recruitment processes or are interested in using our software for a case competition for students, do not hesitate to contact us.