Finding the right employee is very difficult today due to the high competition – it takes a lot of time, requires special attention to review and attract the most suitable candidates. For candidates, long-term job searches are often exhausting and many talented people go unnoticed. 

Today you can read a success story: we have talked with Cristina Heldkilde, who was hired after solving a case through the Innoflow platform.

Cristina has 9 years of experience in the charter and travel industry. Her previous employment was at a local charter company: started as a destination manager, later she was recruited to the main office in Aarhus and worked as a sales consultant, marketing coordinator, and lastly, as an operation manager there. After 9 years at the same company, a need for change has risen and Cristina started to seek new opportunities. 

Lucky enough, she was soon offered a position as an Inbound Marketing Specialist at Mindmill – a successful B2B marketing bureau. The company generates leads through inbound marketing, by creating value for their clients and their potential customers and, thereby, building a bridge between marketing and sales. 

When asked about her usual experience with recruitment processes, Cristina says that the word ‘slow’ comes to mind first. The processes she has been a part of would usually take several weeks of not knowing whether she might get an offer or not. Most of the time, she would not get a reply to her application at all. On those occasions where she was invited to an interview, there still was a feeling of uncertain expectations, she says.  

The recruitment process with Innoflow, on the other hand, was “a different and very positive experience”, says Cristina. “Right from the beginning, I knew the timeline for the process, what the job was about, and what I could expect regarding feedback. The setup that Innoflow uses also provides you with a nice overview – which is key when you’re in a job hunt and anxious for answers.”- she notes. 

According to Cristina, the case-based recruitment was a perfect opportunity she has been missing throughout the job hunt: instead of talking about her skills in an ordinary application, she was able to show them by solving the given tasks. It also gave her great insight into what the job would require and thereby applied her with more confidence that she was the right person for the position – without a doubt a great factor that influenced her interest. 

“…the ability to solve a case made all the difference in terms of me getting selected for the interview part of the recruitment process. In a job like this, where project management is such a big part, I believe it was important for my employer to know whether my instincts were accurate, and my skills [were] enough for the tasks that they would assign” – says Cristina, – “the part of having the assignment entered anonymously and thereby being selected solely on my answers rather than my background, age, etc. was a great feature of the setup.”. 

It has been 5 months since Cristina started to work at Mindmill and she says that she loves every minute of it: the culture, administration, her colleagues, and clients – all contributing to a fantastic work experience which she is so thankful for. “The work I’m doing on a daily basis is challenging, interesting, and keeps me on my toes.”- she notes. 

Such experiences and stories inspire us to continue and expand our activities. By receiving positive feedback, seeing how candidates are successfully establishing themselves in new positions, we are happy to help people to be noticed in the job market and knowing that we can contribute to their career growth at least a little bit. Recruitment processes must be renewed, and the opportunity to be judged on the actual skills instead of a regular resume gives talented people a much broader perspective to succeed.

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